Sakura Spa

Sakura Spa

Welcome to Our New Sakura Spa Room

Located on the whole floor directly above Sakura Lounge is our decadent and luxurious Spa Room.  Great for couples or groups of up to 7 people to make use of our whole Spa facility and share treatments, packages, champagne breaks or delicious lighl lunches together.  We can also cater for groups of up to 10 people by sharing the bookings with Sakura Lounge downstairs with the whole group then meeting at the end in our Spa room for champagne and light meal time together.

You can either choose our especially designed Spa Party Package or Couples SPA Jacuzzi Packages in our luxury Spa Room,or our Spa Room experience can be customised by you, for your day out together.  Any of our existing treatments or packages may also be chosen in our Spa Room for groups of two or more, or you can put together your own combination of treatments to design your own decadent package.  Our Jacuzzi packages are exclusive for couples and are a beautiful way to share some relaxing and memorable time together.

Our group area on our luxury sofa is such a great escape, many customers don't want to leave.  A great option is to extend your stay with champagne serving (Sakura supplied or BYO) or a light meal of Japanese Sushi.


To help with your plans, our spa room configuration is made up of:

  • luxury sofa for up to 7 guests to share foot massage together, tea and sweets breaks or extra time to sip champagne;
  • one dual table room for 2 people to share table massage or beauty treatments together;
  • one dual shiatsu loft for 2 people to share shiatsu or other futon massages together;
  • one luxury single table room for beauty or massage treatments;
  • separate relaxation area where 2 people can share foot treatments or break times together;
  • wet area of shower and 2 person jacuzzi (couples jacuzzi packages are now available). 

Please arive to all SPA treatments 15 minutes prior to your appointment to allow time for filling out consulation forms and other formalities.  

Please note: Once booked your time with us is allocated and no other bookings can be taken.  For this reason all SPA packages require a 25% deposit via credit card which is non-refundable for cancellations less than 72 hours before your treatmement.  For no show appointments your appointment cannot be filled and full payment will be dedcuted from your credit card. 

Please arrive 10-15 before your package booking to get started on time (package bookings are final on the s...


(includes: 45 min Jacuzzi, 15 min tea and sweets, 30 min Foot treatment, 60 min Shiatsu or Facial treatment...


Includes: 45 min Jacuzzi, 15 min Tea and Sweets, 60min Shiatsu massage (not suitable for pregnancy).  ...


Online Booking Request
Online Booking Request